After a beautiful Summer, Fall is officially here. The desire to be outdoors is stopped by the cold and dreariness of the day. This change in the seasons may also reflect what is going on in our lives as well. Work may have slowed down, or projects may have been completed and now you find yourself with nothing to do.

Transition can be difficult. It is messy. Turbulent. Sometimes you’re unable to get your bearings straight. Your income may suffer. It’s just ugly. And that is when it is time to dig deep and keep moving forward. Keep pushing. Tell yourself “you are going to win”. Don’t allow yourself to get in a rut. Take a class, volunteer, or go to a museum. Do whatever it takes to keep yourself from feeling negative, self destructive or depressed.

The beautiful thing about going through a transition is that you know it will not last. The cycle must complete itself. It is up to you have to decide where you want to be when it is over.

Nathaniel J. Ryan