Spring is Here

     After a grueling Winter it seemed as though Spring forgot it was time to shine.     Life can feel the same way.  After days, months and sometimes years it is possible to forget that you have opportunities to shine.

     My passion is Acting.  Ultimately being a creative person is what gets me up everyday.  When the opportunity presented itself for me to be an Associate Producer and Company Manager with JAG Productions I hesitated.  I thought it would hinder me from pursuing my career.  When in fact this is an opportunity to shine in another way.  To help someone else shine, to grow and pursue their dreams.  Sometimes it's okay to take a side step away from your goals and reevaluate.

     If you're feeling beat up from the Winter storm in your life take a break.  Help someone else with a project.  Drop the "to do list", read, go to a museum.  Allow yourself to be okay in the moment and watch out whatever Springs up.


Nathaniel J. Ryan