'A' Game!

     The end of this month will mark the one year anniversary of my return to New York.  I came back home to pursue my passion as an artist.    Though I could have pursued acting and singing in Atlanta Georgia,  I felt that I would be more fulfilled here.

     Since I’ve returned home I have had numerous success stories and a few adventures.  Some of which I have begun to share with you.   At the same time, it has not all been peaches and cream.  I have fallen on my face a few times, and have had to pull myself together, get up and move on.

     Recently, I have been blessed to have been booking somewhat consistently.  And I have made the time to reflect on some of my more recent audition experiences.  Luckily, I have had some kind and patient Casting Directors.  While in the audition room I have been told on more than one occasion to bring more to the character.  In the past I have been taught that you want the Casting Director to bring you down, not to make them ask for more.  One Casting Director actually said my audition in the beginning was boring.  That’s enough to crush anyone.  

     In spite of that they saw something in me and my audition to offer feedback and some direction.  After taking the new direction I was offered a callback and I am happy to say booked the gig.

     But I can’t help wonder about my other auditions.  How if they would have been better could I have booked them too or received a callback?  I will never know.  I do no that I can’t depend on patient Casting Directors to see my latent talent.  I must bring my ‘A’ game on the first take.