Age Before Beauty

On a cold winter evening I truck my way through the freezing cold and rain in NYC.  I ‘m on my way to a read through of a new play.  The play is a part of one of the many theater festivals that take place in the wonderful city where I was born and raised.  Even though I am happy to have the opportunity, I’d rather still be in bed enjoying my early evening nap.  It took all that was in me to get out of bed.  Note to self “naps and winter don’t mix”.  Anyway I arrive to the reading a few minutes late held in a nice Brownstone apartment located in Park Slope.   When I arrive up stairs I’m greeted with warm hellos and an offering of hot tea, which I gladly accept.  

Once everyone has arrived we begin the reading.  Now mind you I had previously spoken to the director over the phone.  During that discussion we did a cold reading of two scenes.  Since he decided to bring me in I had no idea or inclination that this would be considered a second audition.  Alas I was so wrong.   I was auditioned with two females who appeared to have been cast in the play.  Afterward, I was given the ole we will be in touch and I made my way back to my side of town.

The interesting thing is, is that they did get in touch.  At about 2 am I received an email, which I did not check until 7 that morning.  I could have sworn with sleep in my eyes that I would soon be reading the rehearsal schedule.  However, all of my morning dreams where clearly wiped away when I read “Thank you, however we won’t be using you.”  Now that really wouldn’t bother me I actually like hearing what decision the casting director is going to make good or bad.  It was the follow-up response that really through me for a loop.  “…we wont be using you.  You’re just too young”.

I can’t believe that was the excuse or reason they gave.  Its 2012.  I’m an Actor.  And I have taken a great number of classes.  Give me some make up, hair coloring and rehearsal time and I can give you a slightly older character.

Nevertheless,  I roll myself out of bed.  It is 12 degrees in NYC and there is a draft in my room, so it is harder than normal to make it out of bed.   Somehow I convince myself to workout before I head to downtown Brooklyn.  I have an audition I want to go to.  By the time I arrive the casting team is on their lunch break.  So I decide to head to Starbuck for free WiFi and a cappuccino.  I had a video submission I needed to send so I felt it would be time well spent. 

For some reason my damn Flip camera takes forever to download to my email, so two (2) hours later I still haven’t accomplished my task and I give up.  Its 2 o’clock and I head back to the holding room only to find out that they have breezed through the EMC list, and I have to wait on the Non-Equity list.  Talk about feeling like a stepchild.  Talk about a learning lesson for ’12.  Buy make-up for readings so I can look older, and never be late after lunch for EPA auditions.