Art Heals

Recently I was asked to particpate in a reading of a play relating to the Civil Rights Movement. In the play my character states that “we need police, who police and governments that govern.” It amazes me that lines written for a time period that seems and at times feels so long ago could be so poignant today. In the wake of the Trayvon Martin case I am left feeling numb. All the sages of the day talk about the power of intention, attraction and all that and I wonder how that applies today? In the mist of it all how do we forgive? And move forward? The thought came to me while rereading the play and my character states “we will move on, but without you.” That has a lot of room for interpretation. But depending on one group to respect, love, protect, care for, and enfranshise another I no longer feel is the answer. Frederick Douglas words come to mind when he said “pull yourself up by your bootstraps”. Supporting minority owned banks, businesses etc may be the way to go. Along with being politically involved. But no matter what we do as a race we must press on. Triumph over Tragedy. Eyes on the Prize.