Behind the Scenes

     “…if you have done everything correctly I thank you.  If not, you need to get it together.”

     A message recently included in an email addressed to several employees regarding company policies and procedures.  After getting over the initial shock I couldn’t stop myself from laughing.  That is the funniest thing I’ve read in a while.

     Of course being in this business you expect things to be covered up with glitz, glamour, make up and false truths.  So it is very refreshing to see the truth plan and clear.

     I recently worked on a project.  The cast and crew got along well.  The actors were given a well written script.  It was funny and gave the actors a lot of meat to work with.  And if I say so myself the character work was brilliant.  Alas, the Producer, Director and Writer have had a falling out.  Of course each party is pointing the finger at the other person.  Will the project ever see the light of day?  Stay tuned true believers.

     In the meantime I’ll continue to navigate my way through the maze of auditions, work and classes.  With the hope that everything will come together.