Fund Raising

     A year ago, if my closest friend told me that I would be living and acting in New York City.  Singing on the choir, and would have written and produced my own play.  Not only wold I have said he was lying, I would have told him to shut the F*&k up.  And I would have been terribly wrong.

     My play ‘New Beginning’ had its world premiere the weekend of March 9.  Both shows were performed before sold out audiences.  Attended by friends, family and a host of others the show made audience members sing, laugh, and cry.  Knowing that I wrote those words, they were brought to life by a wonderful cast and could impact another person in that way is humbling to say the least.

     When I think about how this production almost didn’t get on its feet, and the many times I wanted to quit.  I become overwhelmed with gratitude that destiny wanted a different outcome.  On several occasions I would have conference calls with my co-producer and director.  We would discuss finances, pay, and venue.  For each topic I rarely had an answer that I wasn’t pulling out of my a–.  Nevertheless, I somehow I knew that the production would get off the ground and the staff would be paid.  And finally in the end they were.

     I am so thrilled with the success of the show that I have decided to produce it again this summer.  I’ve started raising funds using the Kickstarter Fund raising website to help with costs and expenses:

     As I reflect on the many months of hard work, rewrites and read throughs.  I realize that finances were never the issue.  Once I threw myself completely behind my work, and my project nothing could stop it from coming to pass.  Its a New Beginning in faith, trust, and opportunity.