Happy Birthday

     I remember a time when all I wanted for my birthday were video games.     Around this time of year and throughout the summer my friends would come over and we would play tournaments of John Madden, NBA Live, and other games for hours staying up way past our bed time.

     I’m a little older now and I still play video games, but I could use a different kind of gift.  Like a car note paid for a month, a vocal lesson, or a gift certificate for a dance class.  Something like that would bring out the kid in me. 

     A year ago this week I moved back to New York City to pursue my dream.  While here I have a few accomplishments on the list, but I think none are as important as taking the first step toward my dream.  Seeing my house grow smaller in my rear view mirror as the distance to the future grow closer.

     This year I am very thankful for the birth of a dream and the courage to see it through.