New Beginning

     As a young actor it is always a thrill to be on stage.  The rush of being in the moment.  The pure excitement of showing the weeks of time, energy and hard work to an audience.  The opportunity to bring a character to life.  And hopefully the instant gratification and since of accomplishment when I hear a pleasurable reaction from the audience.  And now I get to be a part of the audience as a piece of me is brought to life on stage in less than three(3) days at the Arts @ West Cobb in Marietta GA.

     The journey, creation and completion of my play ‘New Beginning’ has been one of faith, plain and simple.  The cast, staff, funding and venue all came with a  great measure of faith and trust from my director Nikki Starr.

     When I first started writing this piece I had no idea that I would be called upon to produce it too.  I wasn’t prepared to expend the energy and make the commitment to produce a play.  Nevertheless,  I decided to tackle the task, and push myself to a new level.  I learned that my greatest obstacle in seeing this show come to full manifestation was my own procrastination, fear and doubt.  Fear of not having money, funding from sponsors or investors.  Doubt over whether the was was good enough or not.  And procrastinating with communicating with staff and sharing my vision for the project.

    Now that I have a new year fresh behind me, the venue is booked and I have received positive initial feedback regarding the show from read-throughs I see that all my fear, doubt and procrastination was all in vain.  I know now that I should have moved fearlessly forward.  Rather faithfully forward.  As 'New Beginning’ hits the stage  in Marietta GA, Friday night I too will be walking in my “New Beginning” as I vow for move fearlessly forward in all of my endeavors.  Make that faithfully forward.