It’s been two(2) years since I decided to move back to New York. Since then I have achieved some success.

At the same time, I find it funny how in pursuit of my dream I would allow doubt to enter my mind. I recently was cast in an amazing new production of ‘Othello’ set during the end of the Black Panther Party movement. As an Actor I relish the opportunity to work on historical pieces, as well as the classics. This seemed to be a perfect fit. However, once the rehearsal process began I started to doubt myself. I had never done Shakespeare outside of a class. I kept asking myself “am I good enough”. Unfortunately I wasn’t getting paid for this project. And on top of all that it was snowing ALOT.

Every excuse plagued me to the point of me regretting I had accepted the role of 'Michael Cassio’. My self doubt, and pity had marred the many days and hours of rehearsal. This lasted until one of my cast mates told me how much my work had inspired her. I was shocked. In my despair I forgot my personal mission as an artist. My job no matter the pay scale is to be an inspiration to others.

As the show continues for the next three(3) weeks I am reminded and encouraged that my work matters, and that I have all I need to be the best I can be.