On the Road Again...

It is always good to get on the road. Especially when I have the chance to perform.

The trip started off well enough. Aside from navigating the streets of NYC it was a good day. Bright and sunny, and clear skies provided a picturesque view of the city. Time was on our side. Show time was hours away we felt we could drive at a leisurely pace.

An hour into the trip things were still going well. Being the ultimate backseat passenger, I fell asleep. Unfortunately, I was rudely awakened when another driver cut us off. The driver slammed on the breaks to avoid a collision, but my face collided with the seat in front of me. Fortunately, I only suffered from minor whiplash. Nothing a trip to the chiropractor can’t cure.

Just like with anything in life, something may start off well. No trouble in sight. After a while a car may come in the way to cause you to put on the breaks, or in my case seat belt. Whether it is taking a break, reinvesting in yourself, or recommitting to the basics, no road block is the final destination.