One Door Closes, Another Open

     The fast paced centre of New York City can wear a brother down.  With countless auditions.  Classes to take.  And having a “survival” gig, it is hard going out day after day, week after week.  Auditioning, polishing your monologue or song 32, 16 or 8 bars only to not receive a call back.

     Fortunately, for this creative being it takes one yes to rev up my engines.  I received a call Friday afternoon informing me that I was 1st refusal for a commercial I auditioned for Thursday afternoon, and if I could be put on hold.  Naturally, I said “YES” as I jumped up and kicked my heels together.  I knew the fitting was Monday.  So after the initial excitement I said quiet prayers during my train ride into the city.   And hot damn I booked the gig. 

     Its been a while since I booked a project.  Yes, I know I am in rehearsal for the show ‘Into The Woods’, yet still it never hurts to have a little ego boost.

     Aside from the shallow or vain reasons to want to make it in this business, and the sporadic encounters of validation.  It is humbling to see that what is in store for me is truly for me.  I’ve learned that no matter the number of “No’s” my dreams should not deter my dreams.  And as long as I follow my passion that’s all I really need.