Rude Boi

     Growing up in Brooklyn, NY I was raised in a Trinidadian-American household.  Like most West Indians I was constantly surrounded by family.  My mother raised me along with Grandma and Auntie.  While my dad lived not too far away.   Unlike most West Indians I didn’t have to work.  Aside from basic chores I never had a “job” until I was 18.  No.  I was not lazy.  I was a good kid.  I ran track throughout High School and was actually good enough to get a scholarship my Freshman year of college.

     After I graduated and finally got a “real job” I again departed from my West Indian roots and only held one job.  I could never grasp the idea of holding more than one.  I mean when would I have time for fun?  Besides if I had two jobs wouldn’t someone be missing out?

     It’s no wonder I felt my life go into a tail spin last week as I procured not one, not two, but tree jobs.  It could have been four, but I literally had to walk away from that one.  I know I can be ambitious, but enough is enough.  In addition to shooting the commercial I told you about, and rehearsing for a show that opens in two weeks.  I recently became the newest member of the singing wait staff aboard a cruise line here in the city, as well as a staff member of a museum in midtown.

     I am sure my ancestors in heaven are rolling over with laughter as I run around like a chicken with my head cut off. 

     Don’t worry I’ll be sure to drink plenty of water, take my vitamins and grab a Tylenol for my new hurried life.  Maybe I’ll learn Patois and buy a bike along the way.

     The life of a New York Actor.