Strange Encounters of An Actor Kind

     As  an actor in New York I am bound to see some crazy things, or be a part of some off the wall happenings.  Which is totally the case when a prostitute tried to get in my car the other day.  Here I am minding my own business on my way to rehearsal looking for a parking spot and this chick takes it upon herself to open my door an proceed to sit down.   After some high pitched screaming from me and some curses from her she made a quick exit.  Of course not before she asked for a cigarette.  Where she received an abrupt hell no.  After counting to 10 and finding a parking spot I made my way to my rehearsal. 

     After a month and a half of preparing for this show.  Though I am thankful to have the opportunity to perform I am more grateful that the rehearsal process is OVER.  Smiling ear to ear and going over my lines I happen to look up and catch a glimpse of one of my cast mates breast feeding her child.  Now I know that is such a precious thing between mother and child, but excuse me do they not have sheet, blankets or napkins to cover that up.  I like nipples in my face at my own discretion.  Nevertheless , the show must go on as they say.

    I am happy to say that this was all tempered by the fact that once again your boy has a new job.  Working as a singing waiter will and has been a great opportunity.  I’m actually getting paid to sing, and perform.  It’s not Broadway, but hey one step at a time.  That kinda makes up for breast feeding nipples and prostitutes.

     I’ll just be sure to lock my doors on the way to rehearsal next time.

Nathaniel J. Ryan