“Summertime and the livin is easy. Fish are jumpjng and the cotton is high. Oh your Daddy’s rich and your Ma is good lookin…”. Those are lines from one of America’s favorite songs.

This has been one of the most adventurous summers I’ve had in a long time. Not only personally, but professionally as well. This season I’ve been able to work with directors, writers and casting directors, who have encouraged me as I continue to pursue my dream.

Right now there are thousands of men, Black men in America, that are marching and fighting for their dream. It seems as if relations in this country has not changed much from the 1960’s, and yet I feel compelled not to give up hope; not to flee to another country.

This summer has shown me that persistence will bare good fruit. That good work is not in vain, and our dreams will come true. So to all my brothers I say, “hush little baby don’t you cry”. All our efforts, however small or large, are not in vain.

Nathaniel J. Ryan