Over the past eight months I have had the opportunity to work with a great mentor and coach.  When we meet we work on monologues and scenes.  The business of being an actor. We discuss politics, life and a plethora of topics.

     In our last meeting we talked about my growth and the changes I’ve made.  I credit most of it in regards to my craft to him.  I also mentioned that given his background and the respect for our relationship it behooved me to grow.  There are some personalities, friendships, relationships, or circumstances that build you up or tear you down.  You decide what you will give or take from a person or circumstance no matter what.

     This morning on my way to church to my dismay I discovered my car had been towed.  What a perfect opportunity to break down and be disheartened.  Better yet a better opportunity to press forward to keep my eyes on the prize and reach for something to build me up.

     In two weeks half of the year will be gone.  Have you been building yourself up? Or letting “something” tear you down?