Weekend Warriors

     I hated chemistry while I was in school, but this past weekend the chemistry I experienced on set was magical.

     Last weekend I was given the opportunity to work on a fantastic project upstate.  The cast and crew meet in SOHO and 2.5 hours later we arrived in the Catskills.  We stopped on 400 acres of privately owned property.  Surrounded by woods, and filled with ranch houses, a barn, a lake, horses and 3 peacocks it was a site to behold.

     We were driven up there to shoot a promotional video for a reality Television show to premiere this Fall, but I felt like I was on vacation.  In between shots and set up I had time to take a canoe out and make a trip up the lake.  One guy went fishing.  At night we played ping pong and monopoly.

     You would think that after waking up at 3am and running through the woods with canoe over our heads we would be tired of being around each other.

     It has been a while since I have worked with a group of talented and enthusiastic people.  I left the shoot feeling exhilarated and inspired.