You Just Never Know

     On one of the hottest days in July I had one of the most awkward auditions since I moved back to New York.  Outside in Central Park I swear I auditioned for “Newman” ( a character from Seinfeld) for a webisode.  Since I already took the trek up there I  read for the part.  While “Newman” pulled out his sides with sweat dripping down his face.  We sat there on the concrete and read the sides from the same paper, his chin practically on my shoulder; all I could think was “damn Nate really?"  Somehow I made it through the audition.   And a day later received a call back.  I struggle to think if I should be insulted or laugh out loud hysterically. 

     Now same day other side of town, Chelsea.  Nice cool building.  I arrived early.  I thought I was there for a ‘go see”, all I needed to do was take a picture.  Nope.  After my pictures they handed me some sides.  I felt I had one of the worst cold reads in long time.

     Fortunately, they saw something they liked and I’ll be spending this weekend upstate filming a commercial.  While there is something to be said about being prepared.  Sometimes you just never know.