Awards & Rewards

Last summer I took the month off from my “survival” job to be the lead in an Independent Feature Film.  When I booked the role I don’t think I fully understood all that would be required of me.  The long hours, the character work, and the makeup coupled with Philadelphia Summer heat was at some points overwhelming.  

Being on the set of an independent project I was able to see every aspect of the production.  The Good, The Bad & The Ugly.  There was a point when the production almost shut down.  I felt like the summer of living my passion was about to come to an abrupt end.  I am grateful that the cast rallied behind the Director/Producer and encouraged him to keep the production going.

On July 10th the Independent Feature film made its debut at the Q Flix Film Festival.  A sold out audience laughed and cried as ‘Reggie Luv’ played before them.  They stood to their feet as the Director was introduced and they voted ‘Luv Don’t Live Here Anymore’ to be the reciepient of the Audience Choice Award.

I am honored to have played the role of ‘Reggie Luv’.  I am thankful that all of our hard work has paid off.  It would not have happened without drive, determination, and persistence.  Without it no one knows what would have happened to the project.  I am glad those days are now just a memory and we are being rewarded for all of our work.

Don’t Stop.

Nathaniel J. Ryan