Decisions, Decisions, Decisions

Everyday of our life we are faced with countless decisions. From deciding what to wear or what to eat. For some of us these decisions are easy. While for others it can be a difficult task. Facing a difficult decision can cause stress, worry or fear. But the best part of being faced with a decision is that you have a choice.

I recently began working on a role. I knew that production company had some set backs. I knew that a lot of my energy would be needed and demanded. On the first day of rehearsal I wanted to run. I still had the right,but I decided to stick by my word. I decided to use the situation and not let it use me. This way my opportunity to work my craft, build relationships. I could have complained, become disgruntled or quiet. I may have been right if I did. That however would have impacted my brand. And building my brand is most important.

Whenever you’re faced with a decision look within to see how it will affect your brand. What are lessons that can be learned from the opportunity. Ask yourself does this align with the goals you set for yourself. If it does then you know what to do. If it does not you still know what to do.

Nathaniel J. Ryan