In Flow

     It’s amazing how quickly the year has gone by.    It seems like only yesterday I was enjoying Summer.  New Years Eve is a blurry memory and Thanksgiving was over in a flash.

     One thing that has remained with me most of the year is the constant feeling that I am struggling.  “Adulting” can be challenging.  Dealing with relationships, friendships, work and in my profession constantly looking for work.  It takes a toll on you, stressful and can be depressing.

     But finally near the close of the year.  I feel like I am finding my stride.  I’ve been surrounding myself with people that value me and my work.  More importantly I gave myself permission to let of of people who don’t have my best interest at heart.  To love myself more and invest in myself.  

     Don’t wait for 2018 to set goals, or drop old habits.  Start breaking those old habits now.  You will start 2018 in full stride toward your goals and go further than you thought you could.

Nathaniel J. Ryan