Ocktober Fest

     A few days ago I received an award for Best Actor in an Independent Short Film.  Miles away from New York I was recognized for my work.  For my passion.

     I remember auditioning for this movie ‘Blind Faith’, which I won Best Actor for.  I was in England studying at RADA.  The director and I chatted over the phone after he viewed my audition tape.  He loved it and wanted me to be a part of the project.  And as I stated I was rewarded for my work.  

     However, in the months between I have doubted myself and my work.  I have worried if I will ever work again.  And I have had some terrible auditions.  Life is full of challenges that force us to grow even when we don’t want to.  We are being forced to reach our greatest potential, so why let negative thoughts make matters seem worse.

     If we keep striving for our goals, doing the work we need to do we will be rewarded.  It may not come in the form of a trophy or money.  But it will come.  It will be something that will last a lifetime.  Integrity.

Nathaniel J. Ryan