Let Your Light Shine

     I spent a lot of time traveling this Summer.  Italy, England, Atlanta and in a few weeks I’ll be in the Baltimore/DC area.

     What I’ve noticed during my studies abroad is that everyone seemed to be much nicer.  Totally strangers were willing to help guide and give directions.  I remember being lost in Italy.  I met some English speaking Europeans who were also on their way to the airport.  We rode the train together and shared a taxi together.  I don’t remember their names, but I do remember the feeling of extreme Gratitude, Kindness, and Peace I felt riding with them.  As they flashed across my mind I wondered was it that they were extremely kind or is it that because I wasn’t on my familiar turf I was forced to be humble and patient.  Was I forced to be on my best behavior because I didn’t speak the language?

     Working in this industry there will be 100′s of reasons to blow your top, to go off on someone or quit.  But you NEVER know who is watching you, routing for you, taking the lead from your example.  So let your light shine.  You will benefit in the end.  And so will those around you.