Art Oasis

It has been more than a month sense I completed the Artist Performers International Workshop and I am still in awe.

I am in awe for several reasons. First how did this International Organization choose 17 students out of 100 applicants. As well as have these students from 7 different countries work so cohesive. Not only did we work well together we formed friendships that will last a lifetime.

Once we were introduced to the facility and beautifully manicured grounds and breathtaking views it’s time to get to work. The days started with Tai Chi. Not only a meditative practice it proved to be an invigorating workout. Afterward we met for a check in and began our physical and vocal work.

What had left the most impression on me from this experience is the Director Sergei Ostrenkos’ ability to meet and work with each student at their current ability and then stretch them further. Working with Sergei helped me to appreciate myself more as an Artist as well as cause me to give careful consideration to which director(s) I will work with in the future.

I highly recommend Art Oasis to any Artist who wants to stretch their mind, body and spirit.