When One Door Closes

     Sometimes our focus, or vision is so fixated on one dream, goal or outcome, that one can’t see it is time for a change.  We can’t see our that envisioned outcomes are actually paralyzing us.  In our peripheral another door has opened, but we are too stubborn to see.    

  I was fired some time ago from a job I swore was mine.  Underhandedly, I was let go.  Instead of rejoicing in being able to explore other opportunities, I started to panic.  I thought of the embarrassment I would face.  Now, in this time of Thanksgiving I am extremely grateful that I have moved on; that I have been released to walk through a new door.  A good number of projects have come my way that I am extremely proud to be working on.  They feed me as an Artist and I get to work with people I respect.    

 This wasn’t the first, nor will it be the last time that my envisioned outcome will have to take a back seat to a greater plan.  Instead of panicking, I will remind myself to be thankful that a new door is about to open.

Nathaniel J. Ryan