Clean, in a Dirty Industry

Back in the day there was a song that went “she works hard for the money, so hard for it honey, she works hard for the money, so you better treat her right”. That song popped in my head recently when I received payment for a production that closed 2 months ago.

After numerous texts, phone calls & emails, the Director finally paid me what we agreed to. No words of apology, no “sorry for the hold up.” Everything was conducted electronically, money deposited into my account, and back to business as usual. Could I ever work with that Director again? Would I want to?

I pursue a career in an industry that inspires, tell you your dreams can come true. But behind the glamour at times theres a lot of dirt under the rug. Hidden behind smiling faces are back stabbers (pun intended). Producers who run away with money, the casting couch still exists.

In addition to perseverance, talent and faith, integrity is needed within this industry, on every rung of the ladder. From the background Actor to the Exec Producer, we must challenge ourselves to do what’s right; to be treated right.

Nathaniel J. Ryan