300 Flamebeaux Strong

September 20th officially marked the last day of Summer. And as the sun set over of the Hudson River I received a gentle reminder about perseverance. Keep pushing; though the journey is long, I cant stop until I complete what I set out to accomplish. Almost a month ago I had an opportunity to be a part of a production. I had a chance to work with a great number of people and talented artists. Unfortunately, the production team was lacking in various areas, and as this Blog is being typed I have yet to receive full payment for services rendered. In addition, the director/producer has gone M.I.A. Immediately, thoughts of guilt, regret, sadness, and frustration set in. I felt used and unappreciated. I thought to myself, “the next time I saw [this person, they] would be roughed up or knocked out if they didn’t have my money (cause I am from Brooklyn). Then, a thought occurred: I didn’t move to New York to be just in that show. That one check will not make or break me. I’m not saying I should not be paid for my work, but rather I came to New York to be the best Artist I can be. To be a Professional in this arena. Being that means that I am that, no matter the quality of the production team. I will not let this hurdle of impropriety make me jaded or stop me or tarnish my brand in anyway. Being professional, honorable, and operating with integrity will take me to the level I want to be. Not one show. I remember: "their can be no victory if there’s no battle.”

Nathaniel J. Ryan