Own Your Story

It’s Summer time and the heat is on. Time for partying, shorts, beach and pool parties.

Just as quickly as we have forgotten how brutal Winter was we should let go of our past. In the same way Spring ushered in a new beginning so should it be for you. A lot of us allow our past to define us. Define not only who we are, but who we should be. The past is just a Story. The Story continues as long as you live. So start a new paragraph. Or better yet tell your Story from a healthy perspective. It’s yours you can do whatever you want with it. Make it serve you.

I traveled recently to Italy to study in an International Performers workshop. I had an awesome time. I learned a lot, and made new friends. The story could be very different if I focused on the 6 hr train delays due to a union strike. Sleeping in a train station because I missed the last train to the airport and not to mention the long customs lines. What a drag.

What are you focused on?

Nathaniel J. Ryan