Mt. Temper; A Prelude of Things to Come.

Last week I drove to Mt. Temper in the Catskills to take part in an Actors Retreat and rehearse a very thought provoking and moving play.

Having booked the “gig” weeks in advance I was looking forward to getting out of the city.  However, when I arrived at my destination I found out I had no cell service and that I was only able to connect to wi-fi in the main area.  My first thought was “oh no”.  I felt disconnected from my world.  I wondered who would try to reach out to me and find that I was unavailable.

After the third day I realized I wasn’t missing much, that whoever needed me would be there when I returned.  I had an opportunity to get in touch with what caused me to fall in love with the craft of acting, why it is my passion.  To be totally immersed in your craft and living your dream whatever it may be is a beautiful feeling.

I’ll have another opportunity to do that in Tuscany, Italy on May 25th   I am looking forward to continuing the journey.  If you haven’t started yours take a step in that direction today.  You Are Worth It.