The Road of Friendship

As I begin packing for my first International trip in almost 5 years, my first acting residency abroad I realize 2016 has been a year full of firsts for me.

I am currently working on an exciting webseries, a feature film I starred in has been shown in film festivals around the country, and I booked my first NYC Theater Festival.  However, the most important thing I have realized is the value of friendship I have cultivated over the years.  “Going places” in life is no fun if you’re walking that road alone.  I am glad that through the years that I have been on this journey called life I have cultivated some great friendships.  Recently, a lot of my friends have offered encouragement by donating to my campaign, have come to see me in a show, or made to have lunch in the city.  Its been great hanging out, running into friends I haven’t seen in years in Brooklyn, on the train, or at an audition.

As we continue to make our way along this road lets continue to encourage one another and be a positive source of inspiration for those that have been with us along the way and those we shall meet further done the road.